I'm Grateful!

Sometimes I have moments.  Today is a moment of just feeling grateful.  We are all one phone call away from life changing news, one pay check away from homeless and one doctor appointment from good health. I’m a worrier, always has been.  I used to try and change that or pray to not be this way because if I don’t keep it in check it can be crippling.  For example, if my husband is late coming home from the gym I don’t assume he stopped to get gas, I immediately jump to he got robbed on his way to his car or got into an accident and in a ditch with no help in sight. I would get myself so worked up and scared that when he got home I would get upset that “he” made me worry. That would typically annoy him and start a tiff!

Oh, a tiff is what I call our arguments because they lack the passion and commitment of a real argument! Anyway, back to my point...

What usually trigger these thoughts and emotions for me was my yearly physical.  It happens every time.  I don’t have a perfect life by any means, but I do have a good life, and sadly there are times I feel undeserving of it (another blog for another day).  So then I start worrying “oh lawd this is it!  This is how it ends!” “I’m going to find out I’m dying!”  Yes dying…it’s never that my vitamin D is low.  Once I talk myself off the ledge, I’m so humbled and happy to just be alive! So now here I am at my young age;  I am who I am, and this character flaw keeps me humble, grateful and forever in pursuit of living my best life!  

So Fam, whatever it is in your life that humbles you to grateful moments, celebrate it! Don’t try to change it, its God or the universe way of reaching you where you are!

Until Next Time!

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