I literally had a breakthrough one day laying in the sauna! The sauna is where I reflect on my previous day, but more so on what’s next! It’s where I literally set goals, make plans, and dream! That week I set a goal to write two blogs and specifically that day make a business call. The previous day when I got home from work I went straight to the gym, and by the time I got home after eating dinner I was too tired to write the blog... AKA work towards my future! As I laid in that sauna I literally came to terms with the fact that I would rather put 10-11hrs a day towards making someone else rich and achieve their dreams, but was too tired to invest an hour into my own future and dreams. I put unnecessary deadlines or pressure on myself because oddly that’s what drives me. It was a hard pill of reality to swallow. I beat myself up for a moment, then moved on and vowed to do better! By do better I mean, as I pursue this entrepreneurial venture going forward I will set realistic deadlines.

The take away is, we get one chance to invest in the most important and valuable stock on the market, YOU! Assume if you don’t invest, no one else will! And as you make that commitment to YOU, remember, embrace and accept my life's moto; “Don’t let the thing you can’t control, control the things you can!”

Do something, do anything, that invests in your future today!!