I am a firm believer in wearing sweat inducing waist trimmers during cardio! I would find myself buying multiple wraps because I had no effective way of drying them in time for my next gym session and I was also grossed out by the idea of keeping a sweaty wet waist trimmer in my gym bag while I finished my workout. So one day I decided to have what later became 1 of 6 prototypes made!

One day I was unwrapping my waist trimmer exposing the very first SwapTRAP® concept and my husband asked “Where did you buy that?”, I honestly thought he was trying to be funny, I told him I had it made because it grossed me out sitting in my gym bag (I will admit I have germophobe tendencies). I will never forget the look on his face when he looked at me and said “Honey I think you are on to something! If it annoys you, it probably annoys so many other people. I think you should do something with this!” Because of him and his belief in me, the SwapTRAP® was born!

TurnFiT® LLC is 100% veteran owned. We both were active duty in the United States Air Force! I served 10 years and my husband retired after serving 20 years. We both have a MBA in Organizational Management with a concentration in Project Management! Launching this product has by far been the most rewardingt project we’ve managed to date! Thank you guys so much for supporting the TurnFIT brand!





Our mission is to provide support, education and emergency shelter for survivors of Domestic Violence.

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